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Project: Marketing Rebrand
Material: Various Marketing Materials
Client: NERA Economic Consulting

In 2009 a group from NERA’s marketing department was tasked with completing a rebrand of the firm. I was the creative director, and main designer assigned to the rebrand. The first step in the project was to hire a firm to conduct market research of NERA’s industry sector – economic consulting. The findings were that NERA generally had a strong reputation, but so did most of the main competitors. NERA, like many of the firms in the sector, did not have a strong visual brand. A new look was needed to help differentiate NERA, and better communicate the company’s attributes.

Several design options for the rebrand were created, refined, and presented to the company’s management committee. The look that was selected was intended to portray NERA as a “bright light” that stands out in a field of seemingly similar firms. The illumination concept conveys that while firms in NERA’s business sector may seem similar at first glance, NERA is different. NERA “illuminates” complex issues, and “outshines” its competitors.

Download a detailed PDF summary of the NERA Rebrand project.

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